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Botox Treatment

Juvederm Volite

This is a rejuvenating procedure where fillers can be injected to smooth out the skin from the inside, giving a natural supple dewy face.


Lip Augmentation

Fillers are injected into lips for volumizing them. The lip enhancement service is known for providing remarkable and immediate results.

Nonsurgical facelift 

Fillers injected for eliminating wrinkles and redefining the contours of the face. This is done using different types of fillers in various areas around the face. 

1 ml £301

From £265

Tailored individually 


What are Fillers?

A filler is a soft tissue gel containing hyaluronic acid injected into the body mainly to fill lines, wrinkles, and add volume to the face. It is also designed to replenish the moisture which one has lost under the skin. It is injected at different depths to smooth out wrinkles. 

How long do Fillers last?

Fillers last between 6 and 18 months. It depends on the type of filler, where it is injected and the person's body metabolic rate.

Are Fillers safe?

Dermal fillers are not FDA approved and can cause serious injury like tissue necrosis or death resulting in scarring if injected into a vessel. The filler needs to be then reversed using an antidote. Therefore it needs to be handled by only expert practitioners.

Which can Fillers do?

Fillers can be used for the prevention of ageing, as well as for beauty enhancement.

Which areas of the body can Fillers be used on?

Fillers can be used wherever there are fine or deep facial wrinkles. It is used to contour the face, nose, earlobe, jawline, etc. It is used to plump up the skin of the hands and face. As it is a natural component of our body it is also used in joints and private areas.

What to avoid after the treatment?

It is advisable to avoid touching the injected area. The consumption of alcohol, caffeine, high sugar, as well as salty food is not recommended. Also, cigarettes are advised to be avoided for at least 24 hours as, it may irritate the skin. 

How much Filler should I have?

We recommend starting with 1 ml filler for the face and 0.5 ml for lips. This will give you a feel for the product before proceeding further and will not drastically change your appearance. 

Can my lip augmentation be reversed?

Yes, if the filler is not a permanent type, like Juvederm, then the lips will return to the original shape. We use only temporary hyaluronic acid fillers which are safe and reversible. 

Is it painful?

Injectable fillers are very well tolerated as it has a local anaesthetic in them. We also apply numbing cream for 15-20 min before the procedure.

Pain is also alleviated by the use of cannula which also is a safer technique. 

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