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Applying Face Cream

40% Chemical Peel

The 40% Glycolic peel has several benefits, including improvements in:

  • Acne

  • Post-Acne scarring

  • Dry Skin

  • Fine Lines

  • Wrinkles

  • Irregular Pigmentation

  • Freckles

  • Enlarged Pores

  • Dark Circles and more.

Using Epiderma5 products, which are free from parabens, ethanol, fragrances, SLS, and SLES. This procedure has no downtime peeling seen in this system. This is one of the factors which make it a remarkable peel. 

70% Chemical Peel

This is a more concentrated peel for people with thicker skin. 

An additional collagen mask and LED therapy combined can give you the best results. 


Starting from £150*

Aftercare products included


What is a Chemical Peels?

Chemicals peel have been used for centuries. Cleopatra used sour milk which had lactic acid to keep her skin glowing. Chemical peels have known to take away the dead cells and help healthy skin cells to migrate outwards. 

Can I have the treatment?

Peels can be done form the age of 14 onwards by medical professionals. It helps immensely with wrinkles, freckles, age spots, uneven tone, pigmentations. 

Is it safe?

Peels are usually a very safe procedure but as with all treatments, do carry some uncertainties as we cannot predict how the skin heals. Occasionally infection is encountered. 

How often should I have a Chemical Peel?

Peels can help renew and regenerate new cell formation stimulating new collagen synthesis. It is advisable to have a peel 6-9 weeks interval as the skin cells take 120 days to shed off. 

What should I expect during the procedure?

The treatment involves cleansing, acid peel application, and neutralization. The peel can cause a tingling sensation lasting no more than 2-3 min, which is well tolerated by clients. The treatment takes around 30-45 min,

What aftercare is advised?

It is best to avoid direct sunlight after a peel, SPF is mandatory for homecare and avoid sunbeds.

A serum, post-recovery balm, and SPF are included with treatments. For acne-prone skin, an appropriate skin regime is included.  

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